Comprehensive Treatment

Correct the identified problem and restore your smile to its best.

What is comprehensive treatment?

Comprehensive treatment treats both the upper and lower arch and addresses malocclusions (teeth not properly aligned, incorrect bite) by properly aligning the teeth and improving the bite.

Our office follows active treatment with a 12 month supervised retention period. Patients are required to wear their retainers full time until Dr. Schratz recommends going to part-time wear, which involves wearing the retainer just at night.

We offer the most innovative treatments available today:

  • Self Ligation Brackets

  • Clear brackets – aesthetic archwires

  • Clear aligner treatments (Invisalign and Clear Correct)

  • Itero Scanning

  • Digital Radiography

What is Invisalign and Clear Correct?

  • Method of correction using clear trays rather than braces

  • Virtually invisible

  • Worn 22-24 hours/day

  • Treatment time varies depending on severity of condition

The average time for comprehensive treatment is 18-22 months.

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